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Your Future is more dominated by your Past than your Present

You won’t believe but it is true that what you decide and wants to do in your future is dominated by your past, not present. For example suppose you make a plan to invite few people in your b-day then your past decides the people with whom you had good relations you would like to invite in future. another example suppose you wants to attend a seminar/speech your past feelings about that person dominates your mind and don’t allow you to think freely.

so try to unlink your past which is making you weak and creating restrictions on your future. think with the open mind ..always !

you will explore a new life in you !



  1. Neha says:

    a nice one………will surely try to come over the past……gud goin dude!!!!!!!

  2. Abhishek.N says:

    oh.. kya baat hai.. you seem to be a philosopher.. A nice one..

  3. Nishi says:

    Tooo gud. manjul ji .

    i am speechless. is that you writing such HIGH FUNDAS of life in such simple cute and inspiring words………………………..

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