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Time is limited…so enjoy every moment :)

Time is limited…so enjoy every moment

While you will be reading this paragraph…
by that time you have spent 2 precise moments of your life which will not come back…
does not matter how much intelligent you are….does not matter how much you are earning… but you cant get those moments back..

So enjoy every single moment of this life, so that at the second inning ( at the age of 50), if you see back …to see what you have done in your life … you can see that you have spreaded smiles on 100’s of faces…

These faces will always be there with you at any stage of your life , will be with you in all ups and downs of your life.

So my dear friends  dont wast your life, enjoye it as more as you can …

Keep smiling…Keep living… 🙂



  1. Nishchaya says:

    16 aane sach hai ye baat yaar (borrowed this quote from a friend)

    haan aur vaise bhi simplicity rules !!
    apna motto yaad hai na –
    “We have the simplest of tastes, we easily get satisfied with the best”

    Keep posting…

  2. Amit Seth says:

    Well said dude.. Life is all about smiling and having fun…
    Really nice one…

  3. Neha says:

    well written,yahi zindagi ki philosophy hai, I hope after reading this all of us follow it…..keep writing….cheers Neha

  4. Abhishek.N says:

    sahi kaha hai.. Its all about living the moment.. If you are happy n charming, then even Life will respond in the same way.. No use taking tensions.. think that happiness is money and try to collect as much as possible!!! 😉

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