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Last Dipawali ….when we were in school.

Last Dipawali ….when we were in school .

Today is 17th October just three days are left for our grand celebration Diwali.  We are so exited about going home and meet our neighbors and friends .     I can easily differentiate the changes , taking place in our mind with the time and surrounding…

I remember those days when we were in schools….Diwali celebration was like :

We started making plans for diwali from more one month before. After leaving from the schools we used to see the market ..not one but 10 times before the final day. We started making string of light bulbs called “Jhalars” from a month back so that at the end time we can decorate fully and better than our last years competitors. As days were coming close we also have to go to the tailors to get our dress ready and fighting with parents for not taking us for our shopping. We also had to do some home-work, as a team member of our PM …I means our mom , she was keep on asking have you cleaned that corner , have you brought that “saman” goods. We also had to go for bringing diwali sweets and “namkeens”.

Finally its a time of going to market and purchase crackers,…. again we got less money, we need more and mom is saying why are you wasting that much of money in crackers but thanks god dad is with us . So we used to go with him and after bringing them, and did not forget to put them in sun-light so that in the night they will give more sound output. Finally diwali evening has come and parents are calling us from ground floor room to come down and do the pooja , I am calling my brother to come down and he is busy in lightening the crackers with his friends. Ok he came and pooja is started (it took around 1 hour ) after that we lighten the whole home with small light lamps ( I specially like this particular part of diwali very much) . Oh god what happened to this “Jhalar” its not working now we need to check it again…after some trouble finally it was started blinking. Now we are going for crackers my brother has already cracked half of his… and now asking mines…I used to give him bombs and rockets coz I like to see them from distant place but flower pot “anar” and fire wheel charkhee is still my unfavorite one.

We also had to go to our neighbor’s home to wish them happy diwaali and eat sweets and namkeens though most of the things are similar . Now lets take dinner and watch tv till late night ( usually diwali night all the channels showed a block buster movie) and then finally go to sleep.

Sweet Dreams……. becous these are only DREAMS now…..!



  1. Neha says:

    U have refreshed all the sweet memories associated with Diwali……yaar u forgot to mention about saap(snake) jiske liye mom se max daat padti thi……bcoz it left the floor dirty……nyways wish u all blogers and their readers a very happy n prosperous diwali…..

  2. manjul says:

    Currect ….Snake ki tikki….hahaha…

  3. Nishchaya says:

    My personal favourites were “chitpitiya” bombs ( jo ek rupee me 10 miltey they ) jisko direct haath se jalaane me bada maja aata tha.
    And the best part was to collect the leftovers, next day in the morning. That was so exciting, as if you have found a treasure.
    Yes… only DREAMS now 😦

  4. Neha says:

    haan yaar nishchaya acha yaad dilaya……baht ash aati thi agle din agar koi seiko bina jala hua mil jaaye…….true we cherished those leftovers like treasure only…..and did u guys purchase that pistil also…..if nt buy it this time and get ur dreams back

  5. Abhishek.N says:

    Yeah.. its really a DREAM now!!

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